REALIS GIS is a software development company specialized in geographic information system (GIS) and location based services (LBS) from low cost out of the box solutions to large specialized enterprise systems. The team of a highly specialized developers GIS experts is a guarantee for our professional work and cutting-edge solutions, used by more than 100.000 registered users worldwide.




We are offering ready to use products, complete GIS & LBS server side infrastructure, wide range of client side technologies, embeddable components and advanced developer tools. We are also working on spatial data warehouse and maintenances projects on local and worldwide level. Please read our references and case samples at solutions page.  

ewMap represents a suite of modular solutions, services, ready to use products and developer tools. For more see server side, client side and data warehouse technology pages.


We adapt to your way of work, regardless of whether you choose outsourcing as a black-box development, team integration or any other way you are used to work with. The quality of our services and expert knowledge of our employees are proven as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

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