The 3D GIS applications have advantages not only in reducing hardware costs and increasing graphics processing capabilities but also in the ability to create realtime 3D presentation directly from common geospatial data sources. Transformation of the 2D map to realtime 3D presentation allows users to visualize data in a whole different dimensions.

We have "know-how" and experiences to integrate 3D functionalities to your's solution as well as how to visualize existing 2D data in the 3D terrain surface.

Key features

  • ewMap server side infrastructure
  • Terrain visualization, sunlight shading, 3D viewport navigation, realistic 3D objects with textures
  • Support for standard format and services like: WMS, WFS, geoRSS and KML
  • WPF, Microsoft VE3D and Nasa WorldWind .NET/Java clinet side solutions
  • DirectX and OpenGL performance optimization


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