ewMap client side infrastructure

ewMap client side infrastructure offers wide range of solutions starting with high performance desktop applications, flexible web based clients down to the PDA and smartphone mobile devices. There is build in support for standard and advanced client side geospatial functionalities such as GPS integration, on-the-fly projections, spatial and attribute queries, on client rendering etc.

ewMap WebClient

  • ASP.NET AJAX or Silverlight applications
  • Embadable controls such as: map, layers, navigation, scale bar, query forms, etc.
  • End user application templates with costumizable look and feel
  • Support for .Net membership, roles, authentication, and security resources

ewMap DesktopClient

  • WPF or WinForms rich applications for high performance needs
  • Remote or local spatial storages with editable geometry and topology
  • Client side spatial operations and rendering
  • Support for .Net resources as WCF, Click Once deployment, EF, etc.

ewMap MobileClient

  • .NET Compact Framework, J2ME or Android devices
  • Using the best features of the devices (multi touch, color depth, caching storage...)
  • GPS support 

We are also working on some special projects such as 3D GIS interfaces, big screen-walls and on board navigation devices as well as on some prototype implementations based on .Net Micro Framework and newest Microsoft Surface technology.

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