ewMap data warehouse infrastructure

ewMap spatial data storage/provider subsystem follows the latest trends in spatial data warehouses. Regardless if you use simple solution with file system for your shp files or a clustered database with houndreds of GB of spatial data, warehouse can simplify setup and maintanance task.

Spatial database providers

  • all major databases (MS SQL, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSql, SqlLite...)
  • easy to scale-in and scale-out with seamless migration from one solution to another
  • up to the houndreds of GB of spatial data
  • in database and/or at application tire GIS processing

Web service data providers

  • all major standards (WMS, WFS, TMS, geoRSS...)
  • multithreded streams with advanced caching capabilities 
  • WCF with HTTP, TCP/IP, MessageQueue, P2P protocols
  • ASP.NET handlers, SAOP WS and other communication tehnologies
  • costumizable security chanels

File system data providers

  • all major formats (shp, mif, gml, e00, dxf, tiff, jpeg, png, bmp...)
  • vector libraries and image catalogues
  • performance optimization with spatial indices and piramidal generalizations
  • simple usage of spatial predicates and operations

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