Fleet management

Telargo inc, a global provider of solutions and services that maximize mobile assets, uses ewMap infrastructure with global coverage of street level data.

Key features

  • ewMap infrastructure with WPF client side solutions
  • WorldwideTeleAtlas coverage of street level data
  • More than 60 million street segments and 2.5 million points of interests
  • High performance geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • Open and flexible integration with external systems
  • Advanced hierarchical caching solution
  • Optimal cost/benefit HW configurations
  • Reusable mapping controls with API extensions
  • Microsoft VE integration


Contact info

Realis information technologies Ltd.
Ljubljanska c. 33, SI-1236 Trzin
Slovenia, EU

E: info@realis.si
P: +386.1.542.71.10
F: +386.1.542.71.15
L: 46°05’39”N 14°33’11”E (map)

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