Location and everything based on location is deeply integrated in our everyday life. From large enterprises with spatially located facilities to small companies with flexible location based customer services and last but not least our personal life style needs. Geographic information systems (GIS) and location based services (LBS) are modern tools used in wide range of industries and business. To name just a few:

State and local governments

  • land registration and management
  • urban and regional planning
  • utilities management
  • statistics data and trends mapping
  • environmental and natural resources monitoring
  • defense and intelligence activities

Public services

  • control centers (traffic information...)
  • portals with maps (yellow pages...)
  • emergency services (medical, police, fire service)
  • disaster management and alerting

Life style, education and fun

  • travel maps, nearby and routing services
  • spatially distributed information feeds
  • geotagging, geoblogging
  • location aware games
  • GPS tracking facilities
  • GIS education software

End user target businesses

  • spatial optimization of business resources
  • door to door salesmen facilities
  • help desks and call centers
  • location based advertizing

Internal business optimization

  • property records and facilities maintenance
  • logistic and fleet management
  • supply chain planning and optimization 
  • location based business events notifications



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