ewMap server side infrastructure

ewMap server side infrastructure is build on top of the advanced GIS technologies whit modular approach and extensibility in mind. All core GIS & LBS services can be used as suite of functionalities or as particular solutions, all based on your needs. Server components are optimized for best performance and are ready to use in scale-in/scale-out scenarios.

ewMap GisEngine

  • core GIS & LBS functionalities
  • build-in support for industry standard vector and raster data formats
  • build-in support for different storage providers (file system, spatial databases, web services) 
  • highly optimized spatial operations engine
  • high performance and high quality rendering engine
  • geometry transformation queue

ewMap MapServer

  • advanced visualization and cartographic support
  • on-the-fly projection and feature queries 
  • web garden and web cluster ready
  • build-in support for desktop, web and mobile device capabilities
  • application programming interface for external plug-ins

ewMap TileServer

  • customizable tile definition settings 
  • high performance caching infrastructure
  • web garden and web cluster ready
  • single or multiple servers chain installations
  • advanced security and anti fetching options
  • tools for pre-generation and other management tasks

ewMap GeocodeServer

  • geocoding and reverse geocoding services
  • location info and nearby queries
  • specialized solutions based on underlying data capabilities
  • interoperability with external services

ewMap RoutingServer

  • high performance route optimization algorithms
  • turn restrictions and different weight sources (shortest, fastest...)
  • plug-in connectors for dynamic sources (real time traffic conditions, roadworks...)
  • on map visualization and turn by turn instructions


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