Traffic control center

DARS, Motorway company in the Republic of Slovenia, is in charge of financial engineering, preparing, organising and managing construction and maintenance of the motorway network in the Republic of Slovenia. DARS is using ewMap products and custom applications based on our technology in variety of internal and public applications: Traffic control center, Public traffic information channels, Roads maintenance planning, Utilities and communications, Fleet management and Land property management.

Main objectives

  • Providing accurate real-time traffic information to the public using different information channels 
  • Reducing the congestion caused by incidents, roadworks and events
  • Providing information on diversions to help motorists avoid heavy traffic

Key features

  • ewMap infrastructure with detailed road map and aerial photos
  • On-time traffic events and instructions
  • Online traffic cameras images and video streaming
  • Online traffic signs control and alerting
  • Online trafic counters and alerting
  • Online weather sensors measurements
  • Optimal path calculation
  • Asset tracking and on-board equipment state
  • Automated communication channels through WEB portals, call center, teletext pages and radio stations
  • Different B2B channels such as: HTML/XML traffic reports, RSS and geoRSS feeds, upcomming RDS-TMC alerts and generic DATEX2 services


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